Lex Pott

Products Produced in Their Purest Form

Text: Sara Umbreit

In an old shipyard on the outskirts of Amsterdam is where you’ll find Lex Pott designing his naturalistic designs.

Lex Pott was born in 1985 and is a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven. His designs value nature, encompassing it as a basis to form the rawness and origin of his works. It’s always obvious which materials he has worked with, with the shape often supporting the original form of that particular material. This is evident particularly In his collection ‘Speak ' with numerous works of wood, metal and rocks. With Pott's creations, the material is always the very purpose of the object.

Room divider made of Douglas-Tamme, * Diptych collection *, Photos: Raw Color
Round cabinet, Diptych Collection
Angular cabinet, Diptych Collection

The complete Diptych collection was made from a Douglas-Tanne tree, planted in the Netherlands in the year 1960 and falling in 2013. The grooves in the front of the cabinets were generated with sandblasting. Diptych has been created for the Dutch online gallery New Window and is a series completely made in the Netherlands.

Vase Collection True Colours for Danish Design Label &Tradition
True Colours for &Tradition
Collection True Colours for &Tradition

For the True Colours vase collection, Lex Pott has used oxidised copper, steel, brass and aluminum in various arrangements. The project was created especially for the Danish design label &tradition.

Spring Scissors, Lex Pott for Nomess Copenhagen
Spring Scissors
Spring Scissors
Spring Scissors

The Spring Scissors collection is based on traditional Asian art and was created for the Danish design label Nomess Copenhagen. The scissors are made of spring steel, so they always return to their original shape. Their symmetry allows them to be used by both left and right-handed people. The unique shape of the scissors also allows them to be a real art object.

Side table from the Fragments Collection
Table from the Fragments Collection

The Fragments project was created together with The Future Perfect founder David Alhadeff. The objects are a fusion of design and art - poetic and provocative.

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Raw Color & Lex Pott Studio