"A Carpet Is Often the Most Underestimated Element in a Room."

Photos: Anne Deppe, Text/Interview: Sara Umbreit

Dirk Biotto is the designer behind Flurstück’s first fine-fibre felt product line that takes a step away from tradition. The collection contains seven carpets consisting of abstract pattern and are produced individually on request.

Photo: Patric Dreier

The Ettlinger family business has existed now for 95 years and is a world leader in needled carpets. Also known as ‘needled felt’, the style is a preferred method of flooring in offices or any public place due to its resilient material - polyamide.

Consumers have the opportunity to customise their own Flurstück, made in the very Ettlingen factory located in Baden-Württemberg. We spoke with Dirk Biotto about the process behind this.

Sara: How did the project come to be and was there a certain inspiration for the designs?

Dirk: The collaboration emerged from a very improper use of fine-fiber needling on my part. I had originally requested material samples for a backpack I was making at the time. This led to another backpack, which became the Flurstück Kollektion Berlin_2016/1 design. Carpets in a traditional setting had always been such a novelty to me, however they are actually the most underestimated element in a room. The inspiration for the design of the Flurstück’s came partly from nature, but also the production and equipment used in the process. Most importantly for me were that Flurstück designs had the capability to stand alone in a space, or also be the ‘balance’ to a room, depending on the setting. A carpet should capture the attention of its audience and encourage them to walk over and rightly stand with that carpet beneath their feet.

Sara: Where are the carpets manufactured and what are the materials used?

Dirk: The carpets are manufactured in southern Germany by the historical Ettlingen factory and company. Thus, each Flurstück is handmade. The material is a fine-fibre felt which has many certifications for sustainability including the ‘Blue Angel’.

Sara: Do you have a favourite piece from the collection and why?

Dirk: I can’t really choose just one favourite from the Flurstück Collection so I’ll pick two - ‘Branches’ and ‘Emerald’. And as for why I like them, I can’t really explain that, it’s more just a feeling.

Sara: What pieces work particularly well with a carpet from the Flurstück Collection?

Dirk: I think it’s a matter of personal taste. Some like pure and white, others are more drawn to colour and clutter. For me it’s important that the Flurstück is functional and fits well into any space. You could create a bold statement with all other furniture being the same colour, or help existing furniture to stand out more and by playing a more discrete role. This is why I believe Flurstück’s can be used quite universally.

Sara: Will there be an extension of the collection?

Dirk: At this point I can’t reveal too much except my design and concepts around traditional area rugs has prepared a lot of fun and new insights for the future!

Sara: Are there any new projects of yours that we could be looking forward to?

Dirk: In fact there is, also based around furniture and when it’s ready I will definitely let you know!