High Five!

A Helping Hand for the Home

Text: Sara Umbreit, Photos: Jeanette Tesselaar

Jeanette Tesselaar always wanted pursue a career in fashion - that was until she discovered her great love for decorative woods!

High5 Styling is a lovingly designed wooden hand to be used as a decorative object or many functional purposes around the home. Whether as a styling element in the kitchen, or a ‘helping hand’ for small plants or jewellery, there’s no doubt about it's a beautiful object with great attention to detail. We also love High5 Styling as unique gift idea! Each hand is sold in a recyclable carton with a personal declaration - "We cast a smile on the people who order our hand."

High5 is mobile and has no limit for creative ideas in the home

"I've always been obsessed with Scandinavian interiors and mod design, so would always look in that direction for the latest trends. When I finally got the chance to design the wooden hand back in the Netherlands I immediately knew it was what I wanted to do!" - Jeanette Tesselaar

"I can proudly say that High5 Styling is my true love!" - Jeanette Tesselaar

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Jeanette Tesselaar