Bazar Noir

"There's Meaning All Around Us"

Text: Sara Umbreit, Photos: Damian Tauchert

It’s fair to say Catherine Pfisterer has created an oasis in Berlin-Kreuzberg with concept store Bazar Noir. Instead of focusing on current trends, you’ll find pieces that shy away from the norm or typical Berlin style scene.

A deep black covers the walls and tables of Bazar Noir, the perfect setting that dramatically stages Pfisterer’s selections. It’s a statement in itself, completely going against ‘the establishment’ that calls Berlin Mitte home. Everything down to the details and design of Bazar Noir, including the curation, relies entirely on Pfisterers’ own flair. Even the concept of the store doesn’t want to portray the vibe it’s already been determined. This reiterates the point that when you enter Kreuzbergstraße 78, you’ll find it’s less about a prefabricated concept, but more a personal story.

Armchair k200 with vegetable tanned aniline leather and filling, Sönke Martensen

In Bazar Noir you will find a range of special design pieces by talented product designers and artists from all around the world. Another great quirk of the Bazar is the selection of traditional rarities like artefacts from foreign cultures. Pfisterer ensures that not only are the aesthetics on point, but also the story behind every piece. It’s about real craftsmanship, ensuring every item available is only in limited edition or even as a one-off.

Sara: When and why did you found Bazar Noir?

Catherine: Bazar Noir was found in October 2014. The idea came as an evidence while me and my husband Dennis Pfisterer were decorating our freshly bought apartment, for which we couldn’t find a store, which could offer items we were searching for and could cover our needs and expectations. We then thought it would be a good idea to start something we always wished to see in a city like Berlin.

Made for Bazar Noir Sofa s359c from Sönke Martensen

Madre Pane, broths, each representing a chicken, an egg and a tree, Roberto Sironi

Sara: What is the philosophy of Bazar Noir?

Catherine: Our philosophy is to pay attention to the smallest details, stick to our personal taste and stay true to our beliefs. We often search for something simple, but that has a detail which makes the piece worth adding to our curation. If we can’t visualize a piece in our own interior then we don’t think it has its place in our showroom neither. We don’t follow any trend and we often trust our instinct, our gut feeling. Which I believe gives to Bazar Noir its own style and its personal touch.

Futagami brass container from Oji Masanori
Catherine Pfisterer

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Damian Tauchert