2nd Home

Be Brave and Paint That Wall Black!

Text: Sara Umbreit, Photos: 2nd Home

In an apartment-later-converted-showroom tucked away in Frankfurt am Main, you’ll discover 2nd Home store, a source of daring inspiration for one's own home.

Six years ago Susanne Theissen opened the 80sqm shop floor in a quiet neighborhood, careful to be situated away from regular shopping districts. The idea was to create an inspiring apartment where furniture and accessories could be discovered then directly taken home afterwards. Over the years 2nd Home has diversified their offering to include interior furnishings, fashion items, cosmetics and other living accessories, much to the excitement of their clientele.

Products from world famous brands such as Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Flos, Fraumeier, Lampgrass, Anglepoise, Roberto Collina, Saskia Diez, Hortense as well as vintage items can be found at 2nd Home.

In the spring of 2016, Maike Hertel, a long-time employee of Susanne Theissen, took over the concept store at Vogelsbergstraße 38 and additionally added a consulting service for the customers as well. Hertel wanted to bring not only new ideas and inspiration to 2nd Home, but be responsible for creating a new setting for the store and customers alike.

"Today, you have to offer people a particularly special shopping experience - almost anything can be bought online these days, an emotional feeling however, is something the internet can never emulate."

Maike: I try and always attempt the unexpected. For example, I painted a wall black in a small room and placed a dark blue sofa in front of it. Most people would never do that because they think it's too dark, but the effect is "WOW!" when I show it to them. I also advise some customers and which often involves me having to encourage them "Be brave, paint the wall black, it will look great!".

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: 2nd Home