The Classic Shows its True Colours

Text: Sara Umbreit, Photos: String®

Since 1949, the String® Shelf has captivated millions of fans while creating a whole new era in the design and furnishing industry.

Hailing from Sweden, the company continues to create timeless pieces through their distinctive design. Today the shelving systems are as popular as ever before, without a doubt owed to their manufacturer's particularly innovate spirit. String® over the last few years has launched a further range of systems with material variations that meet different needs. The model remains always to that of the classic, but tweaked and acclimatised for today's aesthetic.

The String® Pocket series is available as a shelf package that can be expanded and varied in an infinite amount of ways. Three shelves can be built from just two elements. This system is productive and a sustainable piece of furniture with no restrictions whatsoever to your creativity! So what’s the latest in store from String®? The Pocket versions in a range of fresh new colours!