From New Century to Now

Text: Sara Umbreit

The rattan palm is a liana-like aerial root, found in rainforests with over 600 species. With a wide range of uses, rattan is an especially versatile material for furniture and home accessories.

Throughout its history the design of rattan has truly evolved, beginning with its role in the classic 19th century Victorian style. A modern adaption during the 1920’s followed, then again by a huge comeback during the 60’s/70’s Bohemian craze. Perhaps one of its greatest traits is rattans’ ability to conform to many styles, from elegant or exotic, to a more casual setting. When combined with a foreign mix materials and striking colours, rattan can truly be a fun way to decorate a space.

Floor Lamp in Rattan, 170€, Tine K Home
Rattan lampshade, 70€ (D 40 x H 22 cm) Tine K Home
Rattan lampshade, XL, 115€, Tine K Home
Hangbird, 175€, Tine K Home
Hangstraight, 70€, Tine K Home
Hangdome, 175€, Tine K Home
Hangtube, 70€, Tine K Home
Rattan Hanging Bowl Chair, 499€, HK Living
Rattan Bench, 249€, HK Living
Rattan Bench, 249€, HK Living
Gres Chair by Miguel Milá, 319€, Aoobarcelona
Blances Chair by Miguel Milá, 458€, Aoobarcelona
Il Giardinetto Restaurant, Barcelona, Foto: Aoobarcelona