Muller Van Severen

It's All About Colour

Text: Sara Umbreit

Just five years ago, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen brought their first furniture collection to the world and have since become a leader in modern design.

Press and design experts alike were intrigued by the Belgian design studio after presenting their first collection to the public. The team made up of photographer Fien Muller and sculptor Hannes Van Severen received international applause and encouragement through their creativeness and special design characteristics. Since then, Muller and Severen have showcased their pieces in many prestigious galleries and museums in Belgium, London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen and New York.

3-piece writing desk

Muller Van Severen conduct their research on the boundaries of art and design, keeping a strong focus on functionality in clever and innovative ways. Historic art and design movements give them a fresh, new and very personal touch. Muller Van Severen is like no other studio that stands for minimalism, with playful, delicate and robust qualities.

Fold rack, can be arranged into different orientations
Shelf and table
Shelf and armchair
Rocking chair
Writing desk

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Muller Van Severen