Milia Seyppel

"There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than Building the World by oneself!"

Text: Sara Umbreit

When given the power to design an object or space there’s really nothing that can stop you according to Milia Seyppel. Having a trifecta of skills in product design, interior styling and design consulting, we think she knows what she's talking about.

For interior lovers, the career of Milia Seyppel sounds something like a dream - for her as well! It began at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar where she studied as a design student and learned the importance of creative freedom. Seyppel also embraced here the many aspects of design and designing, and started to create herself.

Since 2009, Seyppel has worked as a freelancer for many labels such as Lyngby Porcelain, Karakter Copenhagen, Petit Furniture, Bolia, Skagerak and Jansen + Co. The product ideas for her projects are always completely her own, drawn especially from Scandinavian and Japanese design. These two styles first struck her at university and influenced her studies greatly.

Creative Direction and styling of the new product catalog for MyKilos from Berlin
Set design for the catalogue of furniture manufacturer Interio.
Set-Design for the Interio Catalogue
Set-Design for the Interio Catalogue
Here, too, Milia Seyppel works with Austria as a subject with landscapes of regional forests in set design
Set-Design for the textile lable Nya Nordiska, which represents Seyppel in a minimal, abstracted ambience
Set-Design for textile label Nya Nordiska
Milia Seyppel's own vase collection, white and gray
Seyppel's sculptural vase collection, gray
Vase Collection, white
Free set design by Milia Seyppel
Freies Set-Design
Milia Seyppel, Photo: Lisa Notzke

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Silke Zander, Oliver Schwarzwald, Wolfgang Zlodej