Egg Collective

Three New Yorkers Show How It's Done

Text: Sara Umbreit

Three New Yorkers forming the company Egg Collective are taking the industry by storm through their unique take on surfaces as well as expressive shape.

The Howard Sofa

The designers Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis and Hillary Petrie joined forces in 2011 to found their label Egg Collective. Together, they have created incomparable pieces of art that combine their three passions of art, woodwork and architecture.

Exquisitely crafted furniture and lamps are their specialty, made via manual work in small series within their own workshop in New York.

The Russel Dining Table

Egg Collective’s sculptural work focuses particularly on the processing of natural materials using simple forms. Their philosophy stands for furniture that can age not only gracefully, but develop into an even deeper beauty over time. Carefully they utilise surfaces that develop an unique patina when brought into contact with handling, water, oil and air. All surfaces are made by hand with the metal left unsealed. The result leaves pieces with their own story that have absorbed the happenings and life around them.

Apart from their own collections, Egg Collective also present work of other artists. Their base in New York also features a woodwork factory as well as a showroom where they exhibit their own collections as well as other artists.

The Crain Cupboard
The Burke Chair and Armrest
The Densen Chair with Armrests
The Egg Collective team in their workshop, where they make small series of their furniture

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Egg Collective