Meson Nadi

The Nicaraguan Jungle´s Boutique Hotel

Text/Interview: Sara Umbreit, Photos: Saskia Nadi

Saskia Nadi has fulfilled her dream of living in a real-life paradise. Since last year, together with husband Dennis, the two have opened their stylish and sustainable boutique hotel Meson Nadi in the jungle of Nicaragua.

Meson Nadi is only 20 meters from the beach, an ideal location for surfing.

So what is the story behind Meson Nadi and its creation?

Saskia: Four years ago we bought the land, and the construction of the hotel took around a year and two months to be completed. The opening was just in September 2016! Dennis came to Nicaragua 10 years ago and I've been here for around four. Shortly after, we decided to buy a section of an old banana plantation. The idea came about after already working together in the last few years and having dealt with a wide range of customers. Magically we’ve not only found a life partner, but also perfect business partners in each other.

Not only do they adhere to sustainability and special touches, but treat their guests to local, healthy and creative cuisines.

Your hotel focuses especially on design and products - what labels are you working with?

Saskia: We collaborate with a wide range of local manufactures and have mostly created the designs ourselves and implemented them through careful supervision of local artisans and artists. Nicaragua offers amazingly unique resources for production. We produce our own beach blankets with a local weaving mill and also produce organic soaps with a nearby coconut farm. Every single piece of iron in the Meson Nadi was handmade (lamps, table legs, towel holders, etc.). Also every leather accessory was made by an upholsterer and leather manufacture in Masaya. The tiles are all made by Granada Tile and Conipisos, with the doors and most furniture by Masaya & Co. For the planning of the hotel we recruited architect Jakob Sellaoui - however all technical drawings, design, supervision and the interiors have been designed by Dennis and myself. For the great art loans we have also have Scott Szegeski to thank.

It seems you’re really living the dream! Are there any special challenges you’ve had to master or still learn?

Saskia: This is really a good question Sara! Since beginning we have completely accelerated in this area, but I still remember very well how difficult it was for us to accept things and just adapt. Nicaragua and its people are spirited, emotional and tranquil, a total contradiction to our German, and rather colder, fast paced mentality. Business is done here via Whatsapp with profile pictures containing pets and children. Tears flow often at times and our son has found ten new mums in our network who pamper him nonstop. In the end, the challenge has been to develop ourselves whilst utilising structures from the Western world in company management. We’ve learned a lot about things that were never familiar to us using a European business model: family and our own welfare comes first. This way of thinking is not just something spoken about around here - it’s quite self-evident.

Saskia and her husband in their Nicaraguan paradise.

For prices and further details visit Meson Nadi on their Website

Text / Interview: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Saskia & Dennis Nadi