George & Willy

Brainstorming is Better Than Ever

Text: Sara Umbreit, Photos: George & Willy

The Studio Roller from New Zealand label George & Willy is the perfect dose of simplicity and functionality for bringing ideas to paper.

After going through the belongings of their grandfather, George and Willy found an old butcher's roll which they mounted on the wall with a simple design. Since that day, the paper roll was used endlessly to discuss ideas together. Slowly friends of the brothers also wanted their own roles, so they set out to work on a concept and form of production.

The Studio Roller is a simple and innovative way to bring ideas and notes to the wall at home, in the office or even menus in a cafe or restaurant. Having to edit or change something is also what makes the Studio Roller so convenient with its disposability. Being a nice change to chalkboards, it’s cool, vintage charm is also a major drawing card.

The Studio Roller is available in four different sizes and fits all standardised industrial pallets.

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: George & Willy