Bridging the Gap Between Design and Culture

Text: Sara Umbreit

Italian design duo Formafantasma see themselves as a bridge between craft, industry, object and customer.

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are the founders of Studio Formafantasma, residing and working in the Netherlands. Their approach is to create a link between their research-based practices and the design industry.

Since graduating at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009, the joint works of Trimarchi and Farresin have seen their style develop with material research and the combination of tradition and local culture. Aside from this, topics such as sustainability and the importance of objects as cultural languages take priority.

Featured labels include Fendi, Maxmara/Sportmax, Hermes, Droog, Nodus rug, J & L Lobmeyr, Gallery Giustini and Stagetti Galleria O. Roma, Gallery Libby Sellers and Established and Sons and Lexus.

Raw Set, Materials: cow horn, oyster shell, mouthblown glass, designed for: Chamber
Anno Tropico, solo exhibition, Peep Hole Gallery, 2016 Milan
Anno Tropico, 2016 Milan
Anno Tropico, 2016 Milan
Anno Tropico, 2016 Milan
Anno Tropico, 2016 Milan
Delta-Collection, Magnifier, 2016
Delta-Collection, Regula, 2016
Delta-Collection, Theca, 2016
Delta-Collection, Magnifier Floor, 2016
Delta-Collection, Set, 2016
Delta-Collection, Aurea, 2016
Delta-Collection, Domus, 2016

Text: Sara Umbreit
Photos: Formafantasma