An Innate Sense of Spirit

Text: Sara Umbreit, Photos: Max Tielman, Nicole Franzen,

New York duo Bower have yet to give up on their sense of discovery from childhood days, with a mission to surprise even themselves with what they’ll come up with next.

Bower tree’s have an instinctive desire to beautify their surroundings. With unique and beautiful branches starting from the robust trunk to the small twig-like branches up high, their form is eager to impress roosting pigeons - and of course, ensure survival.

Tammer and Danny absorb much inspiration in a natural environment taking from it a keen sense of adventure and spirit which they later pass on though their designs. What’s left are products combining perfectly an art of practicality as well as emotion.

In order to fuel this experimental and exploratory spirit, Bower work with an array of disciplines to create modern furniture and products. Essential design takes priority for the two New Yorkers with a focus on ‘the element of surprise’ to bring the world a very unexpected creation. Achieving this results in a fascination for many possibilities. Whether it be plants, animals, toys from their childhood - one could never pinpoint exactly how their ideas inspire a new project to come to life.

Dune Mirror
Arch Mirror
Pyramid Mirror
Ring Mirror
Jeffrey has been a developer and sales manager for Bower since 2014