Ana Popescu


Text: Sara Umbreit, Bilder: Ana Popescu

The modernist-architecture-inspired illustration series by French artist Ana Popescu plays with distorted perspectives, clear forms and strong colour contrasts.

The professional graphic artist (exhibitions in the Griffin Gallery 2015 and the 21st house in Vienna 2016) displays in her works themes of space and its perception. The combination of simple shapes and strong colours create something mysterious through their notion of a parallel universe, which Popescu depicts in one of her pictures from the series Life of Mars. Ana Popescu currently lives in Vienna and has been working there since 2015 as a freelance illustrator.

In her current series of illustrations Homes (Acrylic on Paper), an utopian view of the home features as the forefront concept. The exaggerated colours, distorted perspectives and humanless places create a distance from reality - but create a new one. Summer is present on each of the paintings and is part of the inspiration that has drawn Popescu from modernist houses - especially Palm Springs.

Text: Sara Umbreit
Fotos/Illustrationen: Ana Popescu